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Basketball Mentors

Saturday Skills Academy Term 2

Saturday Skills Academy Term 2

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Basketball Mentors Skills Academy

Are you looking for a basketball academy that can help your athletes take their game to the next level?

Look no further!

Our 9 Week, Term 2 Academy is designed to take your athletes through a detailed skills progression program that focuses on Ball Handling, Shooting, and Scoring. Our expert coaches will work with your athletes to develop the fundamentals required for success in their age group and future seasons.

The program includes a focus on advanced ball handling, finishing, and shooting techniques and moves, ensuring that your athletes are prepared for any challenge that comes their way. Our ultimate goal is to help your athletes progress through the outlined skills so that they can easily perform them during training without pressure and eventually, in game situations.

Our Term 2 program will continue on with progressions learnt in term 1. Groups will be formed according to attendance last term and age group.

Athletes will train in small groups of 5, ensuring personalised attention and a tailored experience for each athlete. Don't wait any longer, sign up now and watch your athletes thrive on the court!

Academy Sessions

1pm-2pm - Group 1 U/12 and U14 Boys
1-2pm - Group 2 U14 and U16 Rep Girls

2pm-3pm - Group 1 U12 Rep Girls
2pm-3pm - Group 2 U14 Rep Girls

3pm-4pm - Group 1 U10 and U12 Girls
3pm-4pm - Group 2 U12 and U14 Girls

4pm-5pm - U14 Rep Girls
4-5pm - U16 Rep Girls
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