Basketball Mentors BIGGEST Success Stories!

Lily Carmody

WNBL & College

Lily started training with Cal at 10 years old. From here, Lily progressed from playing in top age 2s team to leading her NBL1 team in scoring at 16 years old, earning a WNBL Development and scoring in the WNBL at 16. She was then invited to the NBAs Global basketball without boarders camp as Australia's representative and earned a FULL scholarship to division 1 College, Butler University where she will attend from August 2024.

Ryan Lethlean

Australian Boomerangs & National Champion

Ryan started training with Cal 6 years ago. With no formal training or high level playing experience. Since then Ryan has made multiple Victorian Ivor Burge teams where they came runner up 3 times and champions in 2024. Ryans most notable performance from Nationals was a triple double back in 2020. Ryan has also been part of the Australian Boomerangs Squad.

Isla Airey

U20 State & College

Isla started her rep journey with Cal back in 2016 and was one of Cal's first private athletes. Since then Isla has made the VIC U16 State team, U18 State team, U20 State team and now has received a Full sholarship to Division 1 College, Louisana Tech where she will attend from August 2024

Amelia Hobson

U18 State Team & College

Amelia Started group sessions with Cal back in 2019. Since then Amelia has been coached on and off by Cal including the last two years in a VYCW team. Amelia has made the U18 State team and has now been given a Full Scholarship to Divison 1 College, North Dakota where she will attend in August 2024.