Collection: Private Training

We have two coaches dedicated to Private Training!

Cal Charge 

Cal has over 15 years of head coaching experience at the grassroots, junior, and senior levels of basketball in Australia. He possesses a deep passion for the game and a strong desire to foster that same love in kids of all ages and abilities. Cal enjoys collaborating with athletes across the board to enhance their fundamental skills and position-specific abilities, enabling both immediate and noticeable success, as well as long-term growth, development, and success. Whether instructing post-players or point guards, teaching shooting techniques, or honing driving angles, Cal demonstrates a keen eye for detail. Currently, he is fully booked for all of his private coaching services.


Tom O'Brien

Tom boasts over 18 years of playing experience both internationally and domestically, coupled with over a decade of coaching in diverse roles. His profound passion extends beyond the game itself to include the people, joy, and invaluable lessons derived from basketball involvement. Tom relishes collaborating closely with athletes to cultivate new skills, conquer perceived weaknesses, and build on-court confidence through the rehabilitation process. Despite his current engagement with a semi-professional team comprising elite athletes, Tom's true preference lies in working with young, enthusiastic players in need of tailored attention and guidance to expedite their development.