Collection: Saturday Skills Academy

Saturday Skills Academy!

With the limited access for clubs and associations to indoor court space, training times are consistently being cut and cut leaving less and less time for individual skill development!

Our Saturday skills academy is designed to fill the gap and help athletes of all ages work on their ball handling, shooting, layups proficiency and more!

With a structured focus on developing both the right and left hand for dribble and layups and a formula to help athletes develop their shooting ability our Saturday Academy's are growing in size with a 90% return rate of athletes and more wanting to come each term!

If you are not sure if this is for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Can you perform a right and left handed finger roll layup? or regular layup in general?

Can you consistently make jump shots and free throws? or fix your shot mid game to make more shots?

Can you perform crossovers, between the legs and behind the back dribbles in games without looking at the ball?

If you said 'NO' to any of these questions than you need to attend our academy or risk falling behind!